Health and Safety if you are planning a small to medium project

construction worker hatPlease note that this is not an official document, and should only be taken as guidelines and a framework from which you can draw tips and reminders for your own benefit. Should you be starting a project of your own, then you need to make sure you research the subject of health and safety and that you are in line with the standards and rules presented. So let’s begin.

If you are looking to take on some work either at home, for your own house project. Or perhaps you are a new home owner, or even an experienced one. There are a few things which are very important to keep in mind when it comes to health and safety. Not only to make sure that the rules and regulations which are in place are kept, and that you are in line with standard practices. But more so of course to keep you and those who work on the project safe, and avoid injury or worse!

So if you are taking on a little domestic project, or maybe if you are a small business and you are looking to expand your business premises, or do some work on your office or place of business you need to make sure you follow some guidelines.

The three main points you need to keep in mind are that of Managing hazards and risks, you need to make sure that everyone who is working on site, your workforce, of the before mentioned, as well as make sure they are trained and educated to other points on the site. You need to always make sure that you keep your duties towards people in the area, and people you work with, and make sure that you are curious towards your neighbours and neighbourhood. Meaning that you need to work closely with those in close geographical proximity, and make sure all are made aware of your project, and make arrangements and agreements for work which can be regarded as disturbing and disruption to the neighborhood.

Checklist and pencilNever start work which has not been evaluated and concluded safe, and if you are unsure always seek expert advice. In the construction industry there are many fatalities, and over 60% of deaths relating to the building sites and building projects are that of small home and business projects. These involve accidents which are most commonly connected to heights and heavy objects. Falling from a ladder, scaffolding accidents, roof edge and working platform mishaps, and the miss judgement of safe surfaces to place weight, such as old building roofs etc is more common than one may think. This is why it’s important to take extra care and always remember that the health and safety regulations are there not only for the safety of those who work on the building site, but for those who pass it on their way in their day to day lives as well!

How you manage hazards and risks
As someone who has taken on a small building project you must always make sure you plan and monitor your construction work, and your construction site so that health and safety risks are seen, and kept under control by always making sure there is a good spread of information though the workforce. Perhaps scheduling morning meetings where you can inform everyone on the changes to the site, and remind people of the risks which are already current, and instruct on how to go about things with correct practice.

Set a minimum amount of time for planning and preparation. As this when this is imposed there will be a more thorough preparation process, and a greater chance to notice and catch any potential risk areas. This means simply that you can avoid unwanted accidents easier. Make the construction site a controlled environment by restricting access times, and preventing those without rights to the site to enter. This also helps keep you in line with the responsibility you have to protect the public, and those who may be in the close vicinity to the work getting done.

Informing your Workers
As mentioned, this is one of the key points to make sure all regulations are followed, and in turn that all workers are kept safe and sound. By being made aware of even the smallest potential risks, one can to the greatest extent eliminate the chance for accidents. The first thing you must do should you have a new person come to the site is making sure they are inducted and informed on all points which they will be working on, or passing thought. It can be good to produce your own health and safety documents, which cover all the areas needed. If you are unsure of how to do this it may be a good idea to get help from a professional in this as well. Should the scene of your construction site change, it may be a good idea to also give your health and safety adviser a call.

The second thing you need to do in this induction, is inform of the rules which are there and place great emphasis on the reason why they are there, simply safety! Lastly, even if you manage everything in a good way, one is never without risk. So make sure that everyone is always made aware of emergency procedures, in this, should an accident occur, you will be sure to be able to respond in the most efficient and helpful way possible.
Lastly, Co-operating with the neighborhood

blueprintsMaking sure you have a good working relation with all those who are in any way effected by your project is of the highest importance. This too can prevent accident and injury to the public, as well as preventing ill health, should there be work of for instance a dusty nature which needs to be performed.

Co operation, and keeping everyone well informed will keep a good relationship with those who use the area in their day to day lives, and on top of that, the goal of a safe construction site is to a higher level achieved with heightened awareness of it. Communication is key!

So good luck with your home or business project, and make sure you do your homework, for everyone’s safety!

Locksmiths recommend deterrent

locksmiths golden key and lockMany locksmiths are now recommending putting up deterring security cameras on your property to scare away possible intruders. It’s a quite effective method, and instead of paying a lot for a CCTV system to be installed, just placing mock cameras around a building will be sure to deter the majority of those who are looking to break in. It’s a scare tactic, and if you ask most locksmiths they will testify to their efficiency.

We asked one of our regular posters Bristol Locksmith Richard to test to the efficiency of such techniques and he said that in his opinion based on the value of the goods being protected, dummy CCTV is a real efficient way of placing the security in front of those who might wish to break in. Not all dummy cameras are the same but as long as the cameras are sufficiently genuine looking they serve as an excellent deterrent to would be intruders.

When it comes to risk, and the fear of being caught, it seems to most usually over run the system of thought. Even if there is a suspicion from the hypothetical intruder that the cameras are fake, the risk is not something worth taking. So why not listen to the advice of the professional locksmiths and get something like this installed today. It will reduce the risk of intrusions greatly, and will most certainly be worth the very little investment that it is. Many local locksmiths are able to supply this type of mock cameras, and depending on the situation and the locksmiths, but most of them are also happy to come and put them up for your at your desired locations. You can get in touch with your local locksmiths to enquire about this type of added security to your home, and if you struggle to find what you are looking for you can always buy online and install yourself.

Locksmiths  Satisfaction Guaranteed

Locksmiths  knows that the customer is king and we put them first. We believe that should always be the case. Locksmiths  has gained a large customer base and they spread the word of mouth for the great service they have received from us. They know that the customer waiting out of the closed door of their own house is sad and does not need any more problems but only solution. So we lend them empathy and relieve them from further worry. On receiving the confirmation from them, they arrive at their premise, ready to tackle with their problem and ensure they can get into their own premise at the earliest possible.

Locksmiths Reliable and Fast Service

It’s our job after we reach the location to deal with the problem of the locked or jammed doors, while letting the customer relax having gone through the hassle. Look no further than Locksmiths, in case of any lockouts. They have gained expertise over several years and knows to open any locked or jammed doors by using the latest techniques and technologies. Locksmiths Bournemouth are very fast and will always reach the location of lockout or crisis on time as committed. Our team has techniques to deal with the problem and open the doors and ensures no damage or minimal damage to the property. Certainly a strong teal of locksmiths who understand their job and do the necessary work on time and to budget.

Fast and throughout the year Service

You want sped and a fair price , that’s for sure, but what does that mean in the grand scheme of things?

Locksmiths are always seen at the work locations within the promised time frame. As soon as the assistance is confirmed by the customer, we would reach the location to help. Our team is very fast and would be happy to help all year round to their customers. When other professionals are not available to work on weekends and on public holidays, we can help you every day even at the wee hours and when the problem cannot wait till the next day.

Locksmith and random thoughts

If a locksmith is a piece of candy, who then would eat it, would he still make keys, would he still be a male. Would there even be gender. One can wonder what this place would look like, and most likely never know, or know everything, since it would be the imaginative that made it. I don’t actually think that a locksmith would ever be a piece of candy, it’s just wordplay, testing strange concepts, contradictory or random ones about locksmiths, and candy in this case. What I do think thought, and I think that you would agree with me on this one as well.

Most locksmiths would like to eat candy, but that is more based on the broad generalisation of people, since people in general like to eat candy, and eating the candy that is something most people would like to do even if they are not of the profession of being a locksmith. Even so, no matter where you find yourself in life, if you ever give locksmiths to a candy, you need to be careful, since candy are often quite vicious and want the best of you, or at least the best of your teeth, but then again you’re gonna die at some point and be recycled to the earth, just like the locksmiths, so it makes no major difference to what you do. At all, ever, I wonder if that is something that even the locksmiths would agree with me on. Somehow I slightly doubt that in my mind and in my view of things. Thanks to Richard working as a plumber in Bristol for that little gem!

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